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conducted on: October 2001
by: Kristin d'Arminio

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PZO: How did you find out about the position on Slime Time Live?

Jessica: I was at first an intern at Nickelodeon, and then I got a part-time job in their finance department after my intership was over. I was still in college at the time. And the producer of Slime Time came to me and asked me if I wanted to be on a TV show. And I said, "Sure." And
that was it.
PZO: That's pretty cool!
Jessica: Yeah! I guess it doesn't happen like that so often, but that was addicting. Cause my thing was definitely not working in the finance department. That was just to make some extra money.

PZO: Where were you, what were you doing, when you learned that you had defintely gotten the job? And what was your reaction?
Jessica: It was very weird because I was down on the set one day. I didn't start the show. I started the show, like, two weeks after it began. And I was just down on the set, kind of checkin' things out, looking around. And that's when he came up to me and said 'Do you want to be on the show?' And I thought it was weird because I had never been on TV before, and I was like 'why would they want me to be on TV if I'd never done this before?' So, at first I didn't believe it. And I was like 'Well, ok. Maybe this will be a one-time thing' or whatever. But then it grew into, what... it's been almost two years.
PZO: Mmmhmm..
Jessica: So, I was excited! I told my mom 'Watch TV today 'cause I think I'm gonna be on TV!' She goes, "What?!" I go 'Just watch.' So yeah, it was weird how it all just came about.

PZO: Would you like to try your hand at directing? Or do you want to stay in front of the camera?
Jessica: After my internship behind the camera, I mean...I wouldn't rule it out, but I don't know. I think I would prefer in front of the camera. But, I think producing is hard, too. I don't know, really. I would probably prefer to be in front of the camera.

PZO: So far, who's been your favorite guest on Slime Time Live?
Jessica: I always get asked this question, and I always try to remember who I said last time, because we've had so many, and they're all so nice and fun. I'm trying to think of who I like the best, because we've had a lot in the past couple of weeks. We had Lance and Joey from *NSYNC on the other day, and they're a lot of fun. Joey, for instance, he was the camera man. He cleaned up the slime, pied people in the face. He was very proactive, so that was a lot of fun. I love Lil Bow Wow. He's, I think, a great performer, and a lot of fun to watch. There's been so many. David Arquette was really good, too.
PZO: He's really funny.
Jessica: Yeah, he was very funny. He was totally into it. We slimed him, and he had his mouth wide open and loved it, so.

PZO: Who would you like to see on the show in the future?
Jessica: We have a lot of singing groups. I would like to see some actors. I don't know who exactly, but I'd like to have some movie stars or something like that more often than we do.

PZO: What's been your most memorable experience working on the show?
Jessica: Probably the day I had to host the show by myself. That was a lot of fun, because we get to be in charge. It's not a lot different. It's just instead of being the cohost, we got to be a host.

PZO: Do you get along with all the co-hosts?
Jessica: Oh very well. That's the best part, I think about my job is that I'm really really close to the two people I work with. Dave and Jonah are the other two, and Dave's the host of the show. Jonah is the cohost, and we're all very very close and really good friends. We hang out even
when we're not at work, so that's a big part of it, too.

PZO: Do you have any special upcoming projects?
Jessica: Some things are kind of in the works, nothing in stone. It's hard, too, also, because Slime Time is really a full time job. I work Monday through Friday, you know, so it's hard to do other things. There are some things, actually. I have two scripts that I was given the other day to
look at for things, so we'll see.

PZO: What are your plans for after Slime Time Live?
Jessica: Yeah, I wish I knew, since Slime Time fell into my lap, really. You know, I haven't. I wish I could say I've been more...I haven't really tried to persue anything else, but if there was something, I would love to do a morning talk show type show. Not like my own talk show, but
Regis and Kelly or The View or shows like that. I would love to be on a show like that. Things like that where I can still be myself and be on TV. I really have no desire to act, but that might just be because I haven't really done it.

PZO: What's an important issue among young kids and teenagers that you'd like to address?
Jessica: I think school is important. You know, you have a lot of kids that want to be an actress or a singer or whatever, and don't feel that college is important. I think college is really important, even though to be an actress or on TV, you may not really need it, I think you learn so much just from going to school, from the whole experience. I think college is really important. The more educated you are, the farther you'll go in life and the more you'll have.

PZO: What's your most embarassing moment?
Jessica: In life or on the show?
PZO: Either one.
Jessica: I think my most embarassing moment on the show was when I was supposed to talk about some prize we're giving away from Burger King. My mind totally went blank, and I started to stay McDonald's. And we're live, so we can't fix the fact that I kind of got out Mc, and then I
said Burger King, so it was kind of McBurgerKing, and that was kind of a big mistake. You don't want to confuse McDonald's and Burger King, so that was probably the worst mistake I've made.

PZO: As a kid, did you watch Nickelodeon?
Jessica: Yeah, I did.
PZO: Did you have any favorite shows you used to watch?
Jessica: I used to watch Clarissa.
PZO: I loved that show.
Jessica: And I used to watch You Can't Do That on Television, but I always thought it was disgusting. My brother liked it more than I did, and I just watched it and thought it was gross.
PZO: Yeah, I grew up on Nickelodeon.
Jessica: Yeah, I even used to watch Pinwheel, which I think originated and was one of Nick's first shows. That was when I was really little.

PZO: What CD's are in your CD player right now?
Jessica: My CD player is empty right now. You know why? Honest, I rarely buy CDs. I think they're too expensive. I get bored of them too fast, and I'd rather listen to the radio.

PZO: Have any favorite songs that are on the radio right now?
Jessica: I love Mary J Blige's new song, but I don't know the name of it, and Michael Jackson's new song, too.

PZO: What band or musician have you been dying to see in concert?
Jessica: Michael Jackson, definitely, by far.

PZO: And what was your first concert you went to?
Jessica: I never was really into concerts. I've only been to a handful in my life. The biggest I've ever been to was Bon Jovi, and that was only this summer. I saw the one in Giants Stadium. I don't really like that kind of music, but it was pretty intense. That was the biggest production of a show I've ever seen. I'm not a Bon Jovi fan, but I just went, because hey, you know.

PZO: What's your favorite TV show?
Jessica: I may sound like a dork, but Martha Stewart is my absolute favorite. I love that show. I love her. I think her show is great.

PZO: So, I know your birthday is coming up. Do you have any special plans?
Jessica: No, I don't. I'm gonna be 25, and that's a big one, I think. That's a quarter of a century, on your way to being 30. I think at 25, you're a full fledged adult, and I don't feel like one yet. As of right now, no huge plans, so we'll see.

PZO: And what question have you been dying to have an interviewer ask you, and could you answer it for us?
Jessica: That's a good question. Gosh, I have no idea. I can't even think of anything. I'm sorry. That's a cool question, but it puts people on the spot.

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